What is a Personal Chef?
What is included in a cooking session?
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Who is Diana Smith?

· Custom menus · Grocery shopping (for selected meals) ·
· Fresh produce, fish, and shellfish · Top quality meats ·
· Complete re-heating instructions for individual meals ·
· Nutritional breakdowns upon request ·

  Everything will be ready in your freezer or refrigerator for those occasions when you need a hassle free meal that doesn't taste like it came out of a cardboard box. And the custom menu means just that - food cooked the way you want it to be cooked - from the simple chicken pot pie to please the family to the roast tenderloin for a special occasion.

  While there are a large variety of pre-selected entrees to choose from, feel free to inquire about special menus or share your favorite family recipes. Accommodations can be made for a wide variety of special needs!


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